Do you scribble on your notebooks

Did anyone ever tell you not to do so?  Well, there are many aspects which go into discussing if this habit is good or bad. Some people feel that this habit should be discouraged from the very beginning because it makes the child, make his notebook or book dirty. Whereas some believe that it gives vent to the child’s feelings and also talents. Both the versions are right because interrupting a child in all his activities is not the correct attitude, it may make the child self-conscious and shy and also may be scribbling will bring out the artist in him. So the answer to both this version is, “take the middle path if you find that your child is getting into this habit, then don’t rebuke him but explain it to him that this will make his book look dirty and as far as the question of the artist in him coming out the talent will blossom more if he does the scribbling in a separate drawing book”.

Another set -back is that if the child is allowed to continue with this habit of scribbling on his book he may get into the habit of writing on the walls, on desks, on tree trunks, and on walls in public places too causing public nuisance and also a lot of inconvenience and yes on currency notes too.

Even a tourist guide feels ashamed to take his clients on a tour of historical monuments and see scribbling all over; he just looks away when the questioning eyes of the tourists look at him.  If we criticize our country in comparison to the rest of the world when it comes to the cleanliness part then we should see if our own habits are also a contributing factor in degrading ourselves and our nation.

People do put a point in favor of this habit saying that it helps a person take down notes in a lecture hall. He is able to jot down important points during a discussion, but again it is not a very welcome habit, as it may lead to distraction of the mind from the main issue being discussed and may also make the lecturer or the speaker feel offended. He may not like anyone to be found scribbling in a book instead of paying attention to his lecture.

Thus to sum up this scribbling habit has to be done away with. It does not give a good picture of the person who indulges in it.

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