Does home schooling help

Homeschooling is fast catching up as the latest trend in the health education of a child. Mothers are thinking on different lines when it is about the emotional as well as the academic growth of their children.

This trend seems to be catching up fast in Chennai —and when asked mothers confided in the fact that every child is unique and has special needs as well as aptitudes –and teacher in  school cannot be expected to use a different method of teaching each child , They may give special attention and love but to cater to each child’s aptitude in a stipulated period of time would be unfair on them so these mothers have decided upon taking upon themselves to teach their child understanding his likes and dislikes.

There is a provision of applying for a certificate for homeschooled children through the NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) or IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), which is equivalent to board exams. But most parents (mothers in particular) are not interested in the certificate they plan to continue with homeschooling until they feel that the child is ready for higher exams and then get a certificate.

There is an organization called Swashikshan which is popularising the need for homeschooling

Here are doubts in the mind of the public that home schooling will not give that social development to the child which exposure to school and other children will but parents believe that that is no problem as the parents will take the responsibility of his social as well as emotional and academic development.

In India, the RTE act had put homeschooling parents into confusion but it was removed by the then Minister Kapil Sibbal saying that Homeschooling was ok as far as parents took the responsibility. But this was again put in jeopardy by the ruling given by, Social Jurist advocate Ashok Agrawal objected, submitting “The demand on the part of the petitioner for home-schooling or alternative forms of schooling and the stand taken by the Union government in support of such demand through counter affidavit dated July 16, 2012, is based on a completely casual and erroneous interpretation of the letter, spirit, and intent of the RTE Act”

Thus the Indian parent is again put in a dilemma regarding the validity and recognition of Homeschooling as an alternative to school education, and the repercussions if any regarding the child’s future and higher education.

But given the right thinking attitude homeschooling is a good alternative as no adverse effects have been found to have influenced a homeschooled child till now. In fact, they have been found to be emotionally stronger,

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