Don’t Be Scared of the CAT – Just CRACK it

Common Admission Test (CAT) is the national level management entrance examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM). CAT scores are used for admission to various management courses across the country. As it is one of the most prestigious entrance exams in the country it has a lot of competition and so requires serious tackling.

  1. The first step towards the preparing for the examination is starting long before. Most successful candidates start from exactly one year ahead of the date of their exam. The moment the exams of a previous year get over next year’s aspirants get hold of the question papers and plunge themselves into the fray.
  2. The next step is attacking mock test papers as this gives them an idea of how good or bad their present status regarding the syllabus is. What amount of hard work is needed and what are their weak points.
  3. Once a candidate has started attempting mock tests he learns to analyze his performance and act accordingly.
  4. When asked about how much time is actually needed for preparation some toppers said that at least eight months but in no case less than six months.
  5. Attempting mock tests of various institutes is supposed to be the best study material as they cover the entire course.
  6. Attempting mock tests and solving old question papers is always the most important form of preparation for any examination, more so in CAT because this not only helps in gathering knowledge but most importantly it increases the speed of answering, makes the mind alert and capable of fast recapturing and recalling of points and best of all it acclimatizes and acquaints you with the examination scene.
  7. Always solve questions by keeping a speed limit to enhance your speed which is so important for every competitive exam.
  8. Jot down your important points of all topics and keep on revising them every fifteen days so that they become ingrained in your minds
  9. Make mental calculations a habit as this saves a lot of time while answering questions.
  10. For VA/RC solve RC passages on various themes. Keep yourself abreast with the happenings around the world.

Keep these points in mind and keep your cool and you will sail through the exams with aplomb.

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