Don’t find a job, find a career

Job or a Career – this is an obvious question in every young mind. The question is quite simple yet tough to be answered. The changing education pattern and the global competition have made way too many innovative ideas to venture into the market which led the start-up to grow wide.

The trend is changing and every student must be careful about choosing their life goals and ambitions. It is said that in coming years the employment provided by an individual would be streamlined and the number of jobs would be shortened. As mentioned almost everything around the country would be automated and the robot would be replacing them. This does not mean that there would not be any jobs but the jobs and the leadership of confronting the things to be done would be handled by an individual person.

As per the recent surveys, the number of youngsters who take up jobs and the number students who are keen in providing jobs is growing on par and in some cases, the students who seek to provide employment is growing a bit more. For this, the students have to be more focused on the process rather than the purpose. The students have to be trained from the very elementary level on how to build a team and work innovatively. This makes the students come with new and smart ideas that not only lead to their development but also can make a drastic change in society and would yield more economy to the country. And moreover, these kinds of activities bring in more employment and would make more people employed.

Things that the students have kept in their minds:

There are a set of things that the students have to put in their minds, and the foremost thing about them is the elaboration of their ambitions. The now students should have their mind in accordance with the changing trend and they have to more focus on the goal-oriented market. They should train themselves to themselves updated with the latest trend and technology and most importantly they have been keen on implementing things in a newer fashion. Things can be innovative if the same things are done in different ways.

The things done by the students can be old but the way they approach to make work done should be different. This makes them sustain in the changing world and heavy competitive market. The students must have the vision to forecast the future and bring the technology that would be used in the future. Updating the same ideas with the change in technology would make the students achieve more.

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