DreamZone School of Creative Studies offers Diploma in Manual Pattern Making Course

DreamZone School of Creative Studies – Do you want to learn something unique and different? Do you love designing garments? There is an ideal course just for you. You might have learned a lot about the process of garment designing. But have you heard about the patterns that make them great and how to design them to perfection? This certificate course is just for you.

What are Patterns?

Patterns are one of the important and most critical components of any design. Look into any object around you, and you could make a pattern out of it. And in garments, they enhance the overall beauty of the clothing and its design. It could be simple circles or complex geometric shapes, but there should be a pattern to make the design more attractive and pleasing to watch. Patterns are essential components of any garment design without which we will not get the finishing touch to the overall design.

DreamZone School of Creative Studies

As India’s premier institution of technology-oriented creative education, DreamZone School of Creative Studies is established with a motto of offering professional, and entrepreneurship focused courses to the students. DreamZone School offers courses in interior design, fashion design, animation, graphics, jewellery design, website design, and development. With multiple centres of excellence across the country and strong industry partnerships, DreamZone is one of its kind institutions which offers creative studies that fetches you employment opportunities. One of the advantages DreamZone offers over similar schools is that the courses provided by them are industry oriented at every stage of the learning process.

Certificate Course in Manual Pattern Making

Patterns are beautiful. But making them is not easy. Pattern making is an art by itself and making them manually involves a lot of creative thinking. The Certificate Course in Manual Pattern Making helps the students to master the art of manual pattern making by giving an advanced knowledge about the various types of patterns frequently involved in pattern making. The course also includes the procedures and guidelines for pattern making, how the grade measurements are used in the process and the efficient use of market layout techniques. The course also covers the necessity to have accurate measurements at every stage of the process and how it would have an impact on the outcome of the pattern.


Who is it for?

This course is aimed at fashion and garment designers with high creativity and interest to learn niche areas. Courses like this are unique and are not commonly found. Students who have completed this course have an excellent opportunity in the fashion and garment designing industry. With over 12 years of expertise in creative education, DreamZone School of creative studies offers 100% placement at top companies in the industry.

For details about the admission, eligibility criteria, fees, placement etc., you can visit their official website – https://www.dreamzone.co.in/

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