E-Recruitments preparations

E-Recruitment preparations can be called the modern day style of preparing for a job.

The first steps to be taken are making your social media presence strong, post your profile on the social media places like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, make your presence felt and noticed; post blogs and if you are a blogger, share your URLs, just do anything you can to make the employer notice. If you take some care and if you use the right strategies you can be really noticed by recruiters.

Given below are some points to be taken care of and you will be taken care of too.

Pay close attention to your social profiles:  Make your social profile alluring anything unique and decent should go into your account, keep updating your profile, SEO your job search, and enhance your profile.

Be prepared for video interviews: As everyone has become so computer and network savvy, things like video conferencing, skype etc are entering all fields. Not to be left behind interviewers too prefer meeting their candidates online so keep yourself presentable, prepared and prompt (prompt meaning able to furnish and discuss your resume). Keep your resume with you because recruiters are using mobiles for interviews and for reading job applications, one should keep your resume and social media account updated and attractive.

Network with your future employers: Keep yourself updated on the happenings at those companies that you are interested in working with. Also, get introduced to influential people on LinkedIn and twitter industry related chats. These are all modern methods which make a great impact in the recruitment business.

Be unique, not foolish: When interacting with your interviewer online or when presenting your resume just see to it that you show all your potentials but don’t be a joker don’t do things like using a prop or pretending you are very much in demand by picking up your mobile every now and then.

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