Edureka’s new plans to boost employee strength

New plans by Edureka

The start should be the personification of the followers like Global e-learning company Edureka which has announced key senior leadership appointments and revealed its plans to increase existing employee strength by 25% in the next six months. It has to be noted that the announcement comes at a time when the online education market in India is estimated to witness 8X growth over the next five years to reach the $1.96-billion mark in 2021

“A unique situation is the one that would help us expand our market share and realise our vision of making technical training easy, interesting, affordable, and accessible to millions of learners across the globe,” said Vineet Chaturvedi, co-Founder, Edureka.

Role of Customer Success

On the other side, it is very stringent that the firm has also hired Saurabh Agarwal as VP of customer success. Agarwal previously headed a business unit at and has worked with companies such as Lehman Brothers and Mckinsey.

Other key hires include Badrish Agarwal as VP of technology, Santanu Chari as head of the enterprise, Tapan Kumar Nayak as head of enterprise delivery, Aditya Radhakrishnan as VP of marketing, and Ankur Maheshwari as AVP of performance marketing.

In coming months, Edureka will be building the team at all levels, with a special focus on business and technology teams where the firm is looking at hiring professionals and freshers who are passionate about addressing the skill gap in the IT industry.

Significance of employee engagement

Workplace engagement is about so much more than having happy employees and it goes far beyond job satisfaction. An engaged employee has an emotional commitment to your organization and its goals and gives a greater amount of discretionary effort to their work.

Strategy execution and employee engagement are inseparable. By a survey nor created through an after-the-fact performance evaluation, employee engagement cannot be determined.

With the employees’ inclusion in the strategy development Employee engagement begins during the strategy execution phase, builds with on-going, actionable feedback and mentoring, and reaches its crescendo when employees are rewarded for their performance upon the successful completion of the strategy. It’s important to note that motivated employees are more likely to perform better in their roles. When working with clients, suppliers and customers, and improve their experience this will filter down to how they come across. You’ll get better feedback, build greater trust and create an even stronger reputation within the industry.

Companies that measure staff engagement regularly are most likely to be successful and have much higher levels of engagement. On top of that, employee’s unbiased opinion will give you the information that you need to rectify issues and build on your strengths. It’s also a great opportunity for you to gather important information on challenges, new ideas and customer needs.

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