Eleventh Hour And You

The eleventh hour means at the last possible moment when there is still time.
The eleventh hour means at the nick of time when there is no more choice or avenue of escape when the situation says Do or Die.T his situation arises in the lives of all students all over the world. However sincere however hardworking or however intelligent he/ she cannot deny the fact that he has some time or the other faced the eleventh-hour dilemma.

The eleventh-hour situation makes its appearance especially during exams when you have not done any studies all through the year, you have been idling away your time or maybe not idling but spending in something other than studying.

Did anyone know that the eleventh hour varies in its occurrence first it comes when there are still 2 months left for the exams your teachers and parents tell you “better start preparing you don’t have any time left at least do something now in this eleventh hour “You feel a creepy sensation go down your spine, but you know this is not actually the eleventh hour.

A month goes by, and you realise you are nearing the eleventh hour how time has flown away. You make up your mind to start studying from that day itself as you understand the eleventh hour has approached you.

A week flies past and the eleventh hour can still wait it’s got three more weeks to reach you. These thoughts do keep your morale up, but at the same time, that feeling of uneasiness starts engulfing your days. But you are still relaxed and think there is no harm in another hour’s sleep or a movie.

And finally, when you do wake up from sleep or stupor, you find that the eleventh hour has arrived and there are only sixty minutes to go. So get up with a start sleep has deserted you and your brain has started working over time. You find that there is no time to go into detailed studies you pick up the notes and start looking up the points. There is no time for eating or drinking water too you do not need for them. The eleventh hour has snatched away all those luxuries of life its studying and cramming in the brain and sweat on the forehead together with a sinking feeling in your stomach. God Please save me I will not waste any time in the future, and you go for the exams. But has God saved you?? YES, He has because he knows students live for the eleventh hour. But you are wiser now and promise yourself no more eleventh hours any more.

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