Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India offers PGDM in Business Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) is offering a Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM-BE), a two-year full-time, residential program. Now in its 21st batch of delivering entrepreneurship education, EEDI India’s PGDM-BE is explicitly designed for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers to encourage critical and lateral thinking, nurture their ambitions, and enable new ventures through an academically rigorous, directly relevant and highly practical learning experience.

The Certificates of EDII India is approved by the following:

  • Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (Certificate)
  • Association of Indian Universities (Certificate)
  • Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) (Certificate)
  • Awarded USASBE Outstanding Entrepreneurship Program Abroad Award 2014 (Category)

There are six trimesters spread across two years to complete the PDGM-BE, and the language of instruction is in English.

Entrepreneurship Process at EDII

  • All individuals who enrol themselves into EDII go through the complete process of sharpening their entrepreneurial mindset by boosting their confidence
  •  They are taught to identify opportunities and check on its feasibility.
  • Through constant mentoring and guidance the students then prepare their business plan, and finally, they are given the platform to pitch their ideas to banks and investors, so that they can launch their venture

The objectives of this accelerated, rigorous and application-oriented course are to:

  • Impart comprehensive knowledge of an entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Develop first generation entrepreneur by building skills in initiating and growing an enterprise
  • Enable family business successor as a change agent to encourage competitiveness and growth of business
  • Nurture entrepreneurial aspirations and enhance compatible capabilities

Learning Model

  • The PGDM- BE at EDII is designed to develop a strong base for entrepreneurial and management skills
  •  These critical tools will help the participants face any challenge in their career
  • EDII places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship as a means of creating value for organisations and the development of leadership competencies
  • The methodology adopted at EDII varies according to various subject’s objectives and the skills, attitudes and behavioural patterns to be fostered
  • Through classroom, the theory is important for acquiring management knowledge there is no substitute for practice to ingrain the entrepreneurial decision-making skills
  •  To this end, the pedagogy includes case study discussions, simulation games, teamwork, tutorials and role-play exercises, among other activities
  •  The students are given opportunities to interact, challenge points of view and discuss business situations on an academic platform
  •  One of our key strengths is the degree of personalised mentor provided to each participant
  • The course is offered through six trimesters over the two years period
  •  The course offers an induction module, core courses, electives, audited courses, seminar courses, independent study and projects apart from summer internship at the end of the first year

Program Structure

Before the commencement of the course, a two-week orientation program is designed for the students which focus at the following:

  • Entrepreneur Interactions and Learning
  • Entrepreneurial Career and Aspirations (Statement of Purpose)
  • Optional Preparatory Courses: Mathematics/ Computer Applications / English/ Business Basics

Core Courses

  • The curriculum provides a strong grounding in managerial fundamentals while highlighting the strategic role that entrepreneurial mindset plays in enhancing business performance and creating sustainable competitive advantage

Throughout the trimester, these courses are offered in core areas which are having a relationship with real business issues through case studies and projects that cover different company stages, sizes, industry and international contexts. These courses mostly cover:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Operations and Systems
  • Marketing management
  • General and Strategic management
  • Individual and Organisation Behaviour
  • Business Economics and International Trade
  • Written analysis and Communication

Fee Structure

The fee structure for the non-residential candidates is as follows:

  • The due date for the first and second year will be informed in the offer letter
  • Registration fee for the first year is Rs.1000 and the second year is Rs.4,32,100
  • Tuition fee for the first year is Rs.4,61,500 and the second year is Rs.4,32,100
  • Library and Teaching Aids is Rs.65,500 and Rs.544,650 respectively
  • Computer and Internet Charges Rs.15,000 for each year
  • The total fee for the first year is Rs.5,43,000 and the second year is Rs.5,0,3000

Deposits and Activity Charges

  • Caution Money for two years are Rs.10,000 and Rs.1,250
  • Alumni Fee for the second year is Rs.10,000
  • Total Charges for two years is Rs25,000 for each year
  • Total fee payable for first year is Rs.5,68,000 and Rs.5,28,000

Fee for Residential candidates

  • The due date will be informed in the offer letter
  • Registration fee for two years is Rs.1000 and Rs.1250
  • Tuition Fee: Rs.4,61,500 and Rs.4,32,100
  • Library & Teaching Aids: Rs.65500 and Rs.54650
  • Computer and Internet charges: Rs.15,000 for each year
  • Room Rent (Twin Accommodation A/C) Rs.70,000 for each year
  • Total Fee: Rs.6,13,000 and Rs.5,73,000


Deposits and Activity Charges

  • Student’s activity: Rs.15,000 each year
  • Caution Money Rs.10,000 during the first year and Rs.1250 in the second year
  • Alumni fee for the second year is Rs.10,000
  • Hostel deposit for the first year is Rs.20,000
  • Total Charges for two years is Rs.45,000 and Rs.25,000 respectively
  • Total Fee Payable for two years is Rs.6,58,000 and Rs.5,98,000

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