Event Management

Event management is the latest in trending professions. It deals with the arranging of events by trained experts. Event managers arrange everything from small kitty parties, kid’s birthday parties to weddings and engagements to concerts to corporate functions to political get-togethers, conferences, and conventions.

In today everything needs to be done by expert’s, they want all aspects of a celebration to be dealt with by experts and they don’t want anything to be left to desire.  What do event managers do that an ordinary house wife or a personal manager can no? After all, they were the ones who used to do this work previously, before the advent of the Event Managers. ?

Well, the Event manager sees and visualizes that which escapes the eyes of a housewife or a personal manager. He studies the brand, identifies the target audience, decides the budget, the technical aspects and devices the launch before the actual event.  The whole process is known as event planning and involves, budgeting, scheduling, site selection, getting permits, coordinating transport and parking, the decor, the catering coordinating with third-party vendors and also preparing emergency plans, and arranging for proper security.

In other words, Event Management may be called a tool for promoting one’s own business and social standing the better the organizing the better the business dealings or political leanings or future decisions of all sorts are made at a well-organised party.

There are many universities offering courses in Event Management both diploma and degree courses. The study includes organizational skills, technical knowledge, public relations, marketing advertising, catering logistics, decor, glamour etc even risk management, human relations studies of allied industry like television, entertainment, and other media.

Degrees such as Certified Trade Show Marketer, (CTSM) Certified Manager of Exhibits (CME) Certified in Exhibition Management CEM) and Global Certification in Meeting Management (CMM) are some of the names of degrees and diplomas one gets from the colleges.

It is a profession which is very paying but it also requires meticulous planning and alertness because apart from the reputation of the client what is at stake is safety of the clients too. Extra care has to be taken regarding external security from anti-social elements, technical mishaps etc and internal security consisting of good hygiene, good food etc. Every aspect of the function is to be taken care of from the availability of an extra handkerchief for the guest’s daughter to the safe parking of his car.

The scope is increasing day by day and some famous Event Management companies are 360 degrees, Percept D Mark, Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt limited, Cineyug, Cox and Kings, Sita Conferences and E Factor.  Cineyug has been organizing a big film award. Functions and so is Wizcraft. These big names in the market and people take pride in engaging them.

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