Five-day Advanced Leadership Program for CAs in IIM Ahmedabad from December 24-28

The Apex body of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and premium management institute in the country, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM A) will jointly conduct a five-day residential Advanced Leadership Program for Chartered Accountants in the latter’s campus in Ahmedabad from December 24.

IIM A and ICAI had formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) yesterday. This new endeavour aims to provide a platform for cooperation between these two critical institutions regarding offering and co-hosting open enrolment and customised training programs, exclusive for the CAs.

While elaborating on the development, ND Gupta, President, ICAI said: “Mutual collaboration will bring a new dimension to the area of accounting and management education in the country. Courses conducted under the MoU will provide an opportunity for chartered accountants to enhance their management skill sets required for key positions in business and industry.”

Stating that the agreement would benefit the CAs regarding acquiring a slew of requisite skills that are in high demand in today’s digitised and fast-changing business scenario, Gupta went on to add that the incumbent Chartered Accountants would get humongous exposure to the emerging concepts, technology and business practices in achieving operational excellence.

As part of the agreement, the two Institutes will kick-start a new residential “Advanced Leadership Program for Chartered Accountants’ from December 24-28.


  • IIMA is aiming at educating leaders of enterprises
  • The Institute believes these leaders contribute to making a difference to their organisations and the world around them
  • “In its endeavour, the Institute draws upon reserves of goodwill among the diaspora of its alumni, reputation among recruiters and potential students, and commitment of its faculty and staff to the Institute
  • The future holds tremendous promise for the Institute
  • IIM A looks forward to being recognised as one of the premier management schools worldwide

To achieve this goal, the Institute is following a three-pronged approach: connect, nurture, and grow and it is as follows:


  • Proactively with the worlds of practice and policy, with academic work nationally and globally, with our alumni, and with the local community.


  • A high-performance work environment by emphasising and supporting a climate of autonomy, stretch, and teamwork.


  • its capacity, but do so thoughtfully and strategically, aiming to have an impact commensurate with our ambitions, and ensuring that we maintain and upgrade the quality of our people and our experience

These three strategic priorities – connect, nurture, and grow – therefore, are at the core of IIM A’s  effort to be a premier global institute of management that educates leaders of enterprises

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