Five important tips to crack an Interview

Now, that you have completed your degree or post graduation and seeking a job opportunity in a reputed organisation, as a fresher you need to shield yourself and grab the first opportunity. It looks more comfortable than said.  An inexpressible feeling of happiness and frights, – will I crack the interview, will I get the job? My first job, my first salary, the first thing I should buy is a gift for my mom or dad. Besides all this, the five essential points to remember before you attempt an interview is below:

Prepare well – Do your homework well in advance.  Get details about the organisation, about the chairman or vice-president of the company, their vision and mission. What are the industry and their details?  When was it established? What is the number of employees working in the organisation?  Get details about the companies’ digital presence of any campaigns on social media, television about the latest advertisement etc. It is good to know details about the companies’ culture, pain areas, and growth.

About your role – Before attending the interview, please check on the position offered. Are you comfortable with the position? What does the job profile demand? For, eg, A few women aren’t comfortable with a ‘secretary role’; a few men aren’t healthy in a receptionist role.  So prepare yourself according to the job profile. How will be your comfort level with the profile? Collect information about this type of profile; you can visit Linkedin – the professional site where professionals update their job profile and their responsibilities in that particular job.  Be prepared if any question related to the profile is asked.

Dress code and body language – A formal dress code is expected at the time of the interview. Because you still don’t know the pulse of the company and their culture. Dress neatly, with clean clothes, I don’t mean new cloths, but clean and tidy. Wear colours that are subtle, fluorescent yellow, dark purple etc., should be avoided.  Body language too is very important. Sit correctly at the interview desk, don’t couch like a potato.  Don’t’ play with your file or handkerchief or flip your mobile phones, be attentive to what the interviewer is doing. Be patient; wait for your turn and then answer. Let your answers be to the question.

Questions and Solutions – Do some homework on the questions that might be asked.  Read case studies to get some points and suggestions. A case study gives you a real scenario, and the feedback and suggestions are also mentioned below the case study.

Certificates and Resume – File all your documents according to the year of completion. Let the latest being the first. Take Xerox copies of the certificates in case required by the interviewer. Be honest and truthful with your studies, age and references. Honesty pays! Though you have already forwarded a hard and soft copy of your resume, you should carry one or two copies too. Read through your resume before going for the interview, the interviewer might ask you to explain a project that you have completed in your internship. So be prepared and answer what you have added in your resume.

We, hope these tips will help you crack the interview. Wish you all the best!

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