Food that students should avoid during exams

Foods to be avoided always and especially during exams are junk food or fast food as they are called. During the exam, we tend to feel hungry during studies and what we want is a quick bite because we don’t want to waste time eating. So we order a Pizza or open the fridge to find some easy food and our eyes fall on some samosa or cutlet or burger kept in the corner together with a piece of cake and standing in the door of the fridge are bottles of aerated soft drinks.

We grab it and return to the study table munching on it and drinking that nice and cool bottle of soft drink, this combination with the soft drink is enough to cause acidity, and discomfort, which may be carried over to the examination hall. And make us feel sick. These fast foods cause indigestion and heartburn sometimes food poisoning too.

Fast foods especially processed foods should generally be avoided as they are a great source of gastrointestinal disorders and excessive use of these items can result in serious diseases like cancer. A high level of phosphorus from processed food and soft drinks are said to deplete bone density and cause a fracture. Students should avoid these fast foods and beverages always   and especially during the exams because of the adverse effects

Foods are avoided during exams


Reheated food — it will spoil the nutrients of food and release unpleasant-smelling sulfur compounds and may cause gas.

Chewing gum because the process of chewing causes the taking in of more digestive juices which will increase hunger and divert his mind

Starchy vegetables like potato, yam tapioca, arbi etc should also be avoided because they make one lethargic and sleepy

Fried food, refined food (like bread, pizza etc) make one sleepy so it is better to avoid them

It’s the same with excessive use of Coffee or Tea. Some children take a lot of tea or coffee especially black coffee to help them keep awake. But they are not aware of the fact that keeping awake the day before the exams may cause them to feel dizzy or sleepy during exam time and otherwise too excessive intake of these beverages may cause acidity to last a whole lifetime.

The best foods are fresh fruits, vegetable salads and fruit juices but some children want to have spicy food so the best substitutes’ to fried oily foods is bhelpuri, jaljeera, Mango Panna, lassi. Snacks like fresh vegetable sandwiches even boiled egg sandwiches or boiled egg by itself boiled potatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper or chaat masala.

Tip – So eat healthily, stay healthy and do your exams well.

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