GATE 2019 -Tips and guidance to crack the exam

GATE 2019 – Are you someone among the masses who intends to crack GATE 2019? The dream has had its fair amount of aspirations to help achieve a great career lift for many students. Belonging to the list of one of the most competitive engineering entrance exams in India, GATE could be quite challenging for the fresh students to start the preparation.

However, there are some of the optimized ways to make sure that you are able to perform your best for the GATE 2019 exams.

Tips for Preparing for GATE 2019 Exams

Devise a sketch for your GATE 2019 Preparation

Allocate your study time after you got a clear understanding of GATE 2018 exam syllabus. Plan at least 5-8 hours in a week for GATE preparations in case if you have prior commitments or you are a student or working. Therefore, your preparation should start well ahead of the exam date.

Fix the foundation intact

Anything that has a firm foundation is sure to stand high. When it comes to GATE preparation, the basic conceptualization of everything you study should be clear such that it helps you to easily understand the questions and come up with the answers. Every topic that you study requires a strong understanding of the basics.

Comprehend without glitch

Try understanding deeper into the topics irrespective of the subjects which will boost your mental confidence. The process helps you train your basics quite often, thus making you familiar with the core of any subject.

Decode previous years question papers

You could find a consolidated set of question papers for the GATE exams held over the past years on the Internet.  Make use of those question papers not only for solving but also try your hands on sample papers available.

To and fro revision

You will realize all that you have learned earlier during your preparations might be slightly blurred, therefore go for multiple revisions in different formats and methods.  Repeated revisions allow your memory to get refreshed and remember the key points to crack the topics you’ve learned over the past few months.

Get the hang on speed and accuracy

It is important that you monitor your pick up speed while in the process of preparation for solving sample question papers.  Clearing concepts and remembering all important formulas is one of the finest ways to increase your speed. You can allocate your time to some other problem if your speed is good by saving that extra second.  The intensity of your practice is vital to analyze your speed.  When it comes to accuracy, the candidate needs to be sharp and pay attention to the task at hand and not let his or her thoughts scatter around in the exam hall.  In analogous to speed, also comes with plenty of practice. Getting your hands on sample papers and taking mock tests are other effective ways to improve on these aspects.

Mix fun and learn

While you are in the course of preparation, you might lose interest in some subject making your confidence go low.  In such cases, while studying, parallel, try your hands on your favourite pass time. This may trigger your interest and passion to get back on track. Explore the application and limitless possibilities of a particular topic which you may find dull to study.

While preparation is vital, do not worry if you feel that you may not know enough. Instead, use this time to revise and get your confidence back.

Always consider the Mock Tests very seriously

It is time to take mock tests once you have learned the topics, done the revision, and solved enough problems. As the name suggests, though, GATE mock tests are not the real thing, but yet contains all the drama the test entails. For instance, GATE 2019 mock tests can be taken online. There is a stipulated time for it and you also have an electronic calculator involved like the one offered in real GATE test. Candidates can learn time management skills and also figure out areas where silly mistakes are made upon taking the mock tests.

Monitor your health

Amidst the rigorous leaning day and night, it is common for aspirants to not concentrate on their health, thus pushing it to the backburner. Therefore eat well and healthy and make sure you don’t play around with your health, especially during the last few days of your exam. Also, you could deliver the best of your preparation and practice only when you are in the peak safe zone of your health.

Significant points to remember while beginning the preparation for GATE 2019

  • Depending on where you stand (weak, medium, strong), categorize the topics
  • Divide study time for each category
  • Allocate time to revise each topic.
  • Always learn the practice of taking notes
  • Make a note of formulas which you find hard to remember.
  • Track your progress once in a while during preparation

GATE 2019 Mental Guidance

  • With the knowledge that you have developed over the past several months, make yourself calm, relaxed and write your exam equipped.
  • If you find something that you don’t know, do not panic. Divert your concentration to the questions that you could answer and then go back to the questions that you might be unsure of.
  • You might have seen people preparing for GATE 2019 exams for years, however, according to some of the leading GATE institutes, three to four months of dedicated preparation should be enough for the 2019 GATE Exam.
  • Always consult your tutor to refer standard books that help you master the basic concepts easily. As discussed earlier solving question papers will become handy once your basic knowledge about the topic is clear.

Clearly, it is your passion for your chosen stream of engineering that collates the key to good preparation. At the end of the day, the amount of smart dedication and consistent practice are the significant factors that help you score high and get a good rank that gets you into a premier engineering college for M. Tech.

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