Guidelines for CA Articleship Registration

CA Articleship Registration – An aspiring chartered accountant (CA) is required to pass either group of Intermediate / IPCC and complete ICITSS training before beginning articles. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) displays marks as well as passing status in IPCC result. Practical training / Article training duration is for three years, says an IE report.


Students must fill mandatory forms for CA Articleship Registration. One is the deed of articles in Form 102. Second is Form of particulars for registration Form 103. In addition, those who wish to study any other course alongside, need to submit Form 112. The registration fee as an articled assistant is Rs 1000 as per page 37 of Chartered Accountancy Prospectus Edition July 2017.

Form 102 can be obtained from ICAI branch offices. It has to be executed in non-judicial stamp paper or special adhesive stamp. The deed shall be of 3 years, signed by Articled Assistant and Principal. Here principal refers to the employer, a member who is allowed as per Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 to train Articled Assistants, Audit Assistants. One has to pay Rs 50 to get articles registration form 102, says the report.

As per the report, the principal retains the original copy of this deed. Articled assistant gets the copy of it. The form is also available at Form 103 can either be downloaded from or filled online only. It is mandatory to ensure that this form reaches ICAI within 30 days of the start of articles. If form 103 is submitted beyond 30 days, then applicable has to be paid with it. Fee amounts for form submission 30 days beyond the deadline, 31-180 days beyond the deadline, 181-365 days beyond the deadline, beyond 365 days are respectively Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2000, Rs 10000. More documents are required in cases of delay, which the Articled Assistant should be ready with. Otherwise, the cost of the form is Rs 50 only.

Identity Card

It is also important to note that there is a Student Identity Card attached to the form. Students must fill it, attach passport size photograph to it. Then the employer/principal must sign it. It should be submitted along with Form 103. Addresses of concerned regional offices are given in the form itself. Students should note it carefully and submit the form with documents in such a manner so that it reaches on time. An article is responsible for Form 103 in triplicate. He/she sends one copy to the institute, and one copy each is retained by the article and his/her Principal. Form 112 is to get permission for other courses.

This too can be downloaded from the website Similar late fee details as applicable on Form 103 are applicable to Form 112. One must get this form signed by Principal also before submitting to ICAI. However, guidelines laid down by ICAI regarding working hours (35 hours in a week), recommended normal working hours (not before 9 AM and not after 7 PM), should be considered before deciding whether or not to pursue graduation. This form has to be filled for all courses including correspondence, private, regular.

One can either do the entire period of practical training with a practising member or opt to do 9-12 months of last part of the period as an Industrial Trainee. The official chartered accountancy course prospectus has a detailed overview of how to become a Chartered Accountant. It is a recommended read for all those who are in this profession, added the report.

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