Hospital Administration as a Career

A hospital administrator looks after the managerial part of a hospital; it is his duty to see to the smooth running of a hospital.
Hospitals today are like any other business and need to be run like one besides with a fact to be kept in mind that here we are not only dealing with the comforts of the clients, like in the hotel industry but also that his clients may be emotionally disturbed so while making his plans and decisions the administrator also has to keep this fact at the back of his mind.

The duties of a hospital administrator require him to plan for the smooth functioning of the hospital in all respects except for the medical treatment side. He has to fix and prepare the duty hours of the staff; he has to look after the effective functioning of the kitchen and canteen including the food supply to the in patients.
Timely availability of the ambulance, necessary supplies of medical instruments, medicines, etc. whenever needed is essential. There should not be a break in the quantities as matters of life and death depend on the regular and unconstructive availability of these commodities.

Also, another critical function of the Hospital Administrator is to make available to the hospital and the patient’s medicines and other requirements at the time of emergency, e.g. some blood supplies.

If any expert advice is needed, they can contact the Hospital Administrator and arrange for his visit, at times the patient is also required to fly in as an emergency, and all this comes under the responsibilities of the Hospital Administrator.
Thus the hospital works round the clock, and the whole functioning of the hospital depends on his efficiency.

With an increase in medical tourism we have patients from far and wide coming to India for treatment, and so we have to provide 6star facilities to the patients and his relatives this has also added to the responsibilities of the administrator, but at the same time it has also increased job opportunities with an increased number of posts.

To become a hospital administrator one has to get a degree of BHA or Bachelor in Hospital Administration one can get into this course after 10+2 later on one can take up an MHA (Master of Hospital Administration) course too. MBA’s also are eligible for this career. The Indian Society of Health administration (ISHA) offers a one year course for this degree. Thus avenues are many but require dedication and hard work.

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