How helpful are Career Fairs

Career fairs in India have been active for the last 25 years and are held in nearly all big cities. They are mostly used by institutions to showcase their advantages over other schools and colleges and impress students as well as their parents. It is a good platform to enrol students and impress them with the specifications about your institute, advertisements are not as effective as career fairs because here there is word to word interaction between both the parties, there are so many questions a parent or candidate wants to satisfy himself about but not all the information can be got from brochures.

Meeting the school or college authorities in a ‘Career Fair’ is like actually visiting the premises. It sets the heart at rest especially that of the parent and also of the nervous candidate. They feel they have made friends –at times it so happens that when a student gets admission in a particular institute which he had interacted with in a career fair and when he sees or meets the same person whom he had met at the fair he is reassured he feels that he can go to this person in case of difficulties.   Thus a career fare builds a rapport between students, their parent, and the institute.

Some of the career fairs about to be held in 2017 are as follows:

  • Kolkata Ice skating rink 29th to 30th April
  • Patna 2nd and 3rd May Hotel Pataliputra Exotica
  • Jamshedpur 5th May
  • Alcor on the 5th May
  • Hotel Ranchi 8th and
  • 9th May hotel Capitol Hill


Jain University had organised Career fair along with Educesta & First Naukri to help prospective employers meet their prospective employees, in other words, to connect them both and the name of the Fair is Connect to Careers. This fair was held at Bangalore, Belgaum, Nellore, Bhubhaneshwar and Andhra Pradesh and it provided great opportunities to job seekers to achieve their dream jobs. They also made available to the participant’s Employability Enhancement opportunities, Walk the right path or knowledge about the suitability of a particular career for you or rather; insights into various careers, also introduced were Professional Certifications with renowned corporate houses.

Certain rules to be kept in mind when attending a job fair or a career fair; keep at least 25 copies of your resume with you, keep all your papers in a proper file like a professional not in a torn bag, dress traditional meaning a proper suit with tie and shoes nothing haphazard (no jeans etc) , be prepared to be interviewed any time, don’t, please underline that word Don’t visit stalls with friends in a group go there alone maybe this will bring a job to you

The advantages of career fairs are many some are listed here (i) Interactive platform, (ii) Spot enrolments and Admissions, (iii) Highly cost-effective medium, (iv) Brand Building medium, and (v) Press and electronic Media coverage.

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