How to avoid headaches during exams

Headaches are both physical as well as metaphorical. They both mean pain whether in the head or in the mind and headaches attack both during exams.  To avoid headaches of the physical kind the best method is to plan your study time. Do not overstrain.

In summer months the hot weather is another cause of headaches. So protect yourselves from the heat drink lots of water dehydration is the cause of many ailments especially during the summer.

If we make a list of the remedial measures they are as follows.

  • Don’t go out in the sun. Drink lots of water.
  • Always keep half cut onion with you it prevents the heat from attacking you.
  • Drink lots of Panna (a drink made out of boiled raw mangoes) they are excellent to save you from the heat of the scorching sun.
  • Take lots of fresh lime and water.
  • Increase the intake of salt this also keeps you hydrated as one tends to perspire a lot in summer and salt helps in refurnishing water in the body.

Taking a lot of curd also helps keep your body temperature cool. Take lots of buttermilk (water mixed in curd) this also helps keep the body temperature in control. After these external measures look after your reading habits, do not overstrain have proper lighting don’t put your eyes to excessive work. Shut your eyes and lie down for some time keep some wet cotton buds on your eyes while you are lying down. It will be better if you soak these cotton pieces in rose water.

Eat lots of fruits especially watermelon and keep pieces of watermelon peel on your eyes this also helps relieve a lot of strain.

The light should always be from the front when you are studying that means the light should fall on your book, not on you. Your shadow should not fall on the book light should. Keep a proper distance between the book and your eyes the ideal distance is between 15 to 25 inches from the eyes less than this or more than this causes a headache and strain on the eyes.

Avoid going out in the sun use morning hours and evening hours for all your outside visit afternoons should be spent at home studying, avoid late hours at night it is better than you get up early than stay late because the eyes would have rested after a night’s sleep.

If you take these measures you will save yourself from physical headaches as far as the psychological one is concerned there is no escape during student life.

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