How to improve your handwriting

A person’s handwriting plays a very important part in his career growth. When in school children get assignments to complete certain cursive writing tasks, teachers ask children to improve their handwriting and also tell them about the various methods.

The main reason why a person should have a neat handwriting is so that the other person can read and understand what is written. This saves a lot of confusion and misunderstandings.  The best way how to improve one’s handwriting is to stop experimenting choose one style you like for eg if you want a slanting handwriting then stick to that decision and practice accordingly.

Next, hold your notebook with one hand while you write with the other, the notebook or paper should be firmly in your grip, that is why you are supposed to use an exam hardboard while writing answers during exams so that the answer sheet does not shift making it difficult for you to write properly.

Though there is a saying that a bad carpenter always blames his tools but in the case of handwriting the tools are also very important. If you have a blunt pencil or a leaking pen or an uneven surface then your handwriting will become bad so have a good set of tools do not ignore their quality. The pencil should always be nicely sharpened, the pen, if it’s an ink pen, should be full with a good nib and no leakages and if it is a ballpoint pen or a jet pen then the refills should be soft and full. And the surface on which you are writing should be even and smooth.

  • When writing, please keep your eyes on the paper, because if your vision shifts then you’re writing to shifts and becomes uneven and also crooked.
  • A good handwriting does not necessarily mean a slanting one or a straight one –what it means is that the words were written should be even, proportionate, clear and clean so as to
  • Make reading it a pleasant experience, not a nightmare trying to decode and decipher it.
  • They say your handwriting tells about your character, and quite naturally so because
  • A clean proportionate formation of letters with a clear neat background is what is meant to be a good handwriting and it is a fact that a good person is one who has a clean clear proportionate lifestyle, who does not indulge in any extremes.

So project yourself as a good person with a pleasing personality by taking pains to have a good handwriting. Remember it is not the style that matters it is the cleanliness of the neatness the clarity which counts and leaves an impression on the reader.

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