How to manage Exam Stress and Pressure

Exams are the synonyms of stress and also pressure. Where there are exams, there will always be stress and where there is stress can pressure be far behind? This exam stress is notorious for bringing in drastic changes in blood pressure. Both high and low, it depends on the individual some become nervous with cold hands and feet and perspiration while some become hyper and lose their cool.

But then as human beings, we can overcome all stress and pressure.

Let us follow the following points to fight the stress.

  1. Try to sleep and relax don’t lose your sleep over something as day to day affair as an exam. Exams will keep coming and going, but we have to stay.
  2. Learn some relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, yoga or even a simple walk. Walking is a good stress buster.
  3. Make friends and keep your mind diverted don’t always brood
  4. Pay attention to time management, a well planned day keeps stress away.
  5. Don’t get involved in insignificant family problems not until the exams are over. You know that these family problems are there to stay brothers and sisters will fight mom and dad will argue so let them be.
  6. Relax and pamper yourself eat your favourite food and listen to favourite music for a while before getting down to brass tacks.
  7. Ask for help from your parents and teachers and even friends if you want to solve a problem, and the answer is evading you.
  8. Go for a short nap if your eyes feel tired this not only soothes your eyes but relaxes your mind too and gives an unidentified strength to fight back and achieve
  9. One more critical point to be noted is always followed your pattern of studying don’t go for what someone else says. However nice a person he may be but what suits him may not necessarily be good for you too.
  10. If the exams are hitting you too hard, then go in for group studies, though it may not always be right when you are feeling lonely and depressed then talking to someone, sharing with someone especially of your age and peer group helps a lot.
  11. Eating good hygienic and fresh fruits is also important to keep stress away. Fresh fruits, juices and vegetables make you feel light and drive laziness away whereas spicy foods. which are only give you digestion problems, and you unknowingly become affected by them
  12. Eat healthy,  sleep well, talk healthy and be healthy is our motto during exam time.

Image source: Ryan McGuire

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