How to write an essay

Essay writing is one of the most difficult parts of an exam. Essay writing need not only be a question in the language and grammar paper but it can be a part of the history or geography or for that matter any subject other than maths. All subjects deal with m subjective topics and need an answer which clarifies deals with the various details. Biology too requires you to explain in details certain facts and features and so do botany, or geology and so on

Essay writing is a very important aspect of education because it tells about your hold on a particular language. When you write an essay in your English language paper or any language paper you are not only putting forth your points you are also trying to convince the reader that what you have written is correct is authentic and should be believed.

For making them, believe you should be convincing and for being convincing you should be able to convey and impress.

There are certain rules which need to be followed in order to write a good essay. They can as be as mentioned below.

Jot down all the points relevant to the topic so that you can build on them as you proceed.

An essay normally consists of three paragraphs the introduction the main body and the conclusion. The main body can be divided into smaller paragraphs by reading a single paragraph which is very big can be monotonous.

The last paragraph should be the conclusion.

Like I said in the beginning an essay portrays your mastery of the language to try and put in some phrases, or use idioms to put forth your points a stanza from a famous poem and that which is relevant to the topic may also be put forth as this gives a double impression a nice interesting piece to read and it also establishes the fact that you are a knowledgeable person well read and well versed in the usage of couplets, idioms, and phrases. The uses of these mediums also make your point more emphatic.

While writing the conclusion you should try and sum up all that you have written in the body and put them in such a way that they cover all the points discussed. Even if the reader has missed some points in the main essay he should get it in the conclusion.

Thus if you take into consideration the points mentioned above you will produce a comprehensive and interesting essay. Which will fetch you good marks; and which may give you a good reputation of being a master of the language concerned.


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