HRD Ministry and ETS to amalgamate for NTA

Stand of ETS

Known for conducting the global TOEFL and GRE tests the Educational Testing Services (ETS), is very clever on partnering with the HRD Ministry for the Centre’s ambitious National Testing Agency (NTA) project. To develop standardized skill tests to help employers during recruitment, the non-profit company also wants to join hands with the Indian government in its skill development initiatives and Global COO of ETS David Payne revealed in a recent statement.

Standard testing

For an objective to bring out high reliability, standardized difficulty level for judging the intelligence, aptitude and problem -solving capabilities of students in an effort to relieve the CBSE, the AICTE and other agencies from the responsibility of conducting entrance tests, the Union Cabinet had in December last year approved the setting up of the NTA.

Important Statements

“For people to have confidence in its reliability is what the core part of developing any kind of testing agency. We are in the process of discussion to understand what kind of testing they (NTA) really want to do. Keeping in mind their local context and dynamics, we have worked with our governments to develop similar kinds of test the COO of the US-based company said.

“We have been doing this for over 70 years and can bring value with our technical expertise and global reach. Ultimately, it’s up to the government how they want to go ahead with it,” he added.

Payne explained that India is a huge market for both the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

“In terms of volume, for GRE, India is the second largest market after the US. We tested around 78,000 students in 2017 whereas for the TOEFL programme, India is consistently in the top five countries and we tested around 66,000 students last year, he said.

, “To have skill development without a way of measuring the impact, skill development will not be useful, but also we are having tests that are standardized and reliable and worthy of being considered.” on the ways in which ETS can partner with the skill development initiatives, Payne said.

“With the needs of employers, I think there is a need to link skill development the glue that holds them together is high quality standardized testing. One way to go about it is that new tests can be introduced and standardized to make them reliable,” he said.

Overview of ETS

Founded in 1947, Educational Testing Service (ETS is the world’s largest private non-profit educational testing and assessment organization.

Including the TOEFL, TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), GRE, general and subject tests, and the Praxis test series in more than 180 countries and at over 9,000 locations worldwide, ETS develops various standardized tests primarily in the United States (US) for K 12 and higher education, and it also administers international tests.

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