Huge Remuneration for IIM-T Student

Astounding Pay

To students of the 2016-2018 batch of Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management at the Indian Institute of Management – Trichy (IIM-T) an average annual remuneration of Rs 14.28 lakhs has been offered according to the report on final placements announced on Tuesday. A total of 113 companies provided 177 offers to the students with Rs 54.5 lakh being the top international offer and Rs 31.7 lakh the highest compensation put forward by companies within the country.

Report and Statements

The report said that the average annual compensation saw a 7.4% increase compared to the previous year. Besides, the average annual compensation of top 25 percentile increased by 24%. The batch size had also seen an increase of 63%. Speaking about the placement statistics, IIM-T director Bhimaraya Metri said, “IIM Trichy is emerging as a leading business school in the country and year-on-year our placement statistics have shown a geometric growth.”

Speaking about the significant rise in placements and external relations, the chairperson of placement and external relations said, “The growth in the placement statistics is proof of the brand image which IIM Trichy has built in the past few years even with the 63 % increase in the batch size”. Recruiters offered students roles in various domains including finance, sales and marketing, consulting and analytics, strategy and general management, operations and OB & HR.

Height of Excellence

IIM is a name that has steadily become synonymous with excellence and has established a benchmark for unwavering quality. In developing competent professionals for the industry, IIMT, while recognizing the mentorship of IIMB aims to find its own footing. The flagship programme, Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM), has been instrumental in the achievement of this goal.

Distinctive features

Of the virtues necessary to attain success, Hard Work, Perseverance, Passion and Integrity form an integral part. IIMT boasts of a collection of eminent faculty and motivated students which form its backbone. To ascertain their association with this prestigious institute, the students are chosen from a thorough screening process. In ensuring an optimal student-teacher ratio to encourage better learning and to impart appropriate guidance, IIMT takes excellent care.

Route to success

“Knowledge is endless” is a motto that has strongly governed IIM Tiruchirappalli. IIMT has strong values which it imparts to its students, primary amongst which are an unceasing desire to learn. In the path of continuous learning, IIMT strongly believes that the foundation of value creation is the core.

The institute recognizes the fact that its students would be the catalyst of change for the betterment of the future and hence takes great responsibility in shaping them into leaders of tomorrow. A full freedom to decide upon their academic gradient based on their work experience, academic background as well as their appetite for a challenge and therefore, in enhancing their learning experience provides them with a great environment has been given by IIMY upon comprehension.

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