Human Resource Management as a profession

Forbes considered Human Resources Management the 14th best job in their 2015 poll of top 200 jobs. HR Assistants and Assistant Recruiters are some of the most popular jobs. People with a knack for interacting with others and the attitude of being a friendly person are the best characteristics suited for a job in the Human Resource department of an organization.

The Human Resource department looks after the recruitment of new workers. Human resource personnel deal with the relationship between the workers and the executives of an organization. They cater to the needs and grievances of the workers and the solutions offered by the executives. They are Liaison officers too, who help in negotiations within the organizations. They are the bridge between the employees and the employer working for the benefit of both.

The relations and grievances between the customer and the producer are also taken care of by the HR executive He plays a key role in keeping relations alive. In other words, he is the troubleshooter of an organization. Troubleshooting both within and outside the organization.

Other duties involve arrangements for the various official and cultural functions within the organization. Because of his ability to communicate he is also a much sought after person. Both in internal matters and matters connected with the people from outside.

The popularity and the importance of this job have forced the universities to take notice of the importance of offering courses in this genre. Some old and reputed institutes include the XLRI, the IIMS, the ISWBM, Tata school of Social studies and Labour welfare, various business schools IMT Ghaziabad, in fact, any institute dealing with an MBA degree offers a course in Human Resources.

With industrialization being a boost and foreign companies entering the Indian market, the need for Human Resource personnel is ever increasing. This is one job which was popular 5 decades ago and is still gaining popularity and becoming more and more specialized. Earlier, a simple graduate was recruited as a Personnel Manager and he used to do all the jobs of a labor welfare officer as well as a Personnel Manager for the company but with modernization and increase in avenues within the department, specialization was needed and thus the growth in institutes offering specialized courses. This is proof enough that the job market is on the increase and a degree in this field is a lucrative opportunity.

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