IIT Kharagpur to introduce two programs the upcoming session

IIT Kharagpur –  With the aim of providing safety measures in the mining operations, the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT – Kharagpur), under its Department of Mining Engineering is introducing a new MTech program in safety, health and environment (SHE), which is critical for every process industry such as mining, chemical industry or car manufacturing etc that deals with production involving substantial human resources require appropriate training to ensure the quality of life of people, product and process, said the India Today report.

In recent times, safety aspects are much in focus in emerging areas such as safety engineering, risk assessment and safety management plan, loss control, ergonomics, human behaviour and virtual reality, noted the report.

Focus area

The report further said that the MTech course will focus on subject areas such as environmental engineering and management, safety, health and environment including legislation and laws. Safety engineering and analytics, industrial hygiene and pollution control, subsurface environment, risk and reliability engineering, waste management and treatment for solid, water and hazardous materials, occupational ergonomics etc.

Prof. Debasis Deb, Head of the Department of Mining said, “A holistic approach towards safety and health in the workplace is the need of the day, especially in India, where we think safety is somebody else’s job. But if we can give the necessary knowledge to Masters-level students – whether from Mining, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, or Petroleum engineering – that culture will be engendered.”

The department will also reach out to industry professionals in the mining, chemical and petroleum industry for short term courses on SHE that helps in the training and retraining of personnel, he added.

MTech in Geomechanics for Mineral and Energy Resources

The department will roll out another MTech program in Geomechanics for Mineral and Energy Resources. “In mining operations or oil and gas drilling, hydraulic fracturing and related activities, it is critical to assess the stability of geological formations, stress and strength thereof on the natural structure due to such operations. Geomechanics will be able to predict the stress to geological formations, risks and opportunities involved and recommend mitigation plans,” Prof. Deb pointed out.

The course, which is the first of its kind degree programme in India, will cater to a wide spectrum of branches such as Geology, Mining, Civil or Petroleum Engineering, that is any other branch of science and technology that has something to do with earth sciences. It will focus on fundamentals and applied geomechanics, the design of underground excavations, subsurface environment, reservoir engineering and geo numerics. An expert in Geomechanics will, therefore, have wide acceptability in relevant industries, it said.

Application procedure

  • Both the courses are scheduled in the upcoming July semester
  • The intake capacity for each program will be eleven
  • Admission will be through GATE BTech students from mining, civil and petroleum engineering departments can opt for the MTech course in GeoMechanics while those from mining, civil, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, production engineering can opt to do M.Tech., in Safety, Health and Environment.

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