Importance of Choice

It is seen that if a child wants a particular toy he will insist on buying it and not be satisfied by another one even if the other one is more expensive or better but he will want that which he likes, similarly he will keep a toy of his choice with care whereas he may be careless with another one however nice or expensive it may be.

This is the case not only with a child but with everyone man or woman adult or child we preserve what we like but squander what we don’t.

So we must see to it that we choose our subjects for higher studies according to our liking, we choose our career according to our liking because then we will give our heart and soul to it. And if we give our heart and soul to something we are bound to be successful.

A course of our choice will find us working hard and standing out in our achievements, but if a course is imposed on us by someone else’s choice it becomes a burden and we become mediocre students. This is mostly the case when our careers are selected by our elders or according to the trending scene. We and our elders should realise that not everyone is made for everything; people have their limitations as they have their plus points too. This scene was very prevalent a few decades ago when inevitably it used to be the parents who would decide which career was good for their child and in the process they would kill all the initiative the child had and make him a mediocre and frustrated person. Not realizing that if the child was given a subject or career of his choice he would toil hard to become a success. Moreover, if you like a thing working for it becomes interesting and easy.

If you get a career of your choice you have won half the battle of your life, because a person who is professionally successful is a happy person he derives a lot of strength from his success to face the world and attack other problems of life.

If a person is free of the worries of his career if he is secure and safe in his job, in his profession then he has all the time and willingness to indulge in hobbies of his choice, do social work, take part in other philanthropic activities thus becoming a healthier and better human being.  In today’s world, there is cut-throat competition in all fields and a person will tackle it only when he is in love with what he is working at, he will give his best and sacrifice all for its success. Thus, making his family, his organization and his country proud of him.

So doing that what you like is very important for your growth and development as a human being. And also for the growth of your organization.

A happy person is a big asset to the world!

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