Importance of Internet for Students and Teachers for virtual learning

Internet- Years back, when the American firm, International Business Machine (IBM) introduced a refrigerator like a box, which was then termed as Computing Machine, little did we realize that one-day technology is going to play a pivotal role in our lives. Right from smartphones to tabs, Internet technology plays a vital role in general and in education horizon in particular.

What with the advent of state of the art technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, the quality of lessons has undergone a phenomenal change. Internet technology has brought about a real transformation and a metamorphosis in the spear of education. Moving away from the traditional and conventional way of a classroom environment, the new class has witnessed a vast change.

Education Technology

Education technology has paved the way to take the lessons beyond the walls of the classrooms. The adoption of mobile devices along with mobile data and a steady Wi-Fi connection has made a humongous contribution in this aspect. Even a computer practical class can be taken outside the walls of the school lab now, thanks to the availability of the mobile Internet. If you want to write a code on a Java Programme, all you have to do now is to sit on a bench at a park, write it up on your iPhone and with the help of few apps for the platform, your job is done. All these are possible now because of the advancing education technology.

Mobile Devices

Now the classrooms are turning virtual every passing year. Textbooks are being gradually replaced by mobile devices. Many modern day classes are replete with giant television screens. For instance, if you want to learn algebra or any information under the sun, the Internet is there for your rescue. Search engines like Google can churn out information you want within no time.

Improved student engagement

The positive aspect of the introduction of education technology is that this has improved the student engagement in classrooms like never before. The conventional relationship between a teacher and a pupil has undergone a sea-change with the advent of education technology. Both teachers and their students have become more energetic, enthusiastic and livewire. While the students show an inclination to learn on their own and only seek guidance from the teachers when they have any clarifications.

So, this has necessitated the teachers also to learn more through the medium of the Internet to keep themselves abreast of the technological advances being made by the day. This way, camaraderie develops between the teachers and their students. They are friendlier, complimenting each other and the result is phenomenal. The more student engagements mean the generation of more results in the long run.

So from an authoritative and dispenser of information, a teacher has now transformed to become a facilitator of information and has now created a positive influence in education as a whole.


Also, education technologyahas brought about a lot of cooperation in classrooms, which is Personalizedquintessential part of education indeed. Collaboration inculcates teamwork which is another life skill capable of making a world of a difference.

Personalized Learning

Education technology provides for more personalized learning. Thanks to the education technology, teachers are now able to customise their lessons in a manner that helps every student in a classroom of around 100 students. Unlike the conventional and orthodox system of education, thanks to the arrival of education technology, a student can learn on his/her own pace.

Image source: Domenico Loia

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