Importance of numbering your questions in the exams

Numbering your questions in exams is I feel as important as giving the correct answers to questions. Because suppose you put a wrong number to an answer then that answer which would have been correct for a particular question becomes wrong here and together with this that question to which this answer belonged also becomes wrong –thus you lose marks for two questions whereas both could have fetched you marks for being correct —instead of two right answers you get two wrong answers.

The correct numbering of questions is as important as giving the correct answer. Infact putting it in a lighter note we can say giving the correct numbering to the respective questions and answers is as important as not following the correct sequence of serial numbers of questions. You can safely disturb the serial order and answer those questions which are easy before you answer those which are difficult irrespective of the serial number but once you have answered then you should tag the relevant questions to the relevant answers otherwise you stand to lose everything, your rank, your marks and even your career.

The easiest way to avoid committing the mistake of numbering the wrong question is Write the question that you are about to answer above the answer eg first write the question What is your name? Then write the answer my name is XYZ.

At times there are some question papers that ask you not to write the questions, they want that you should write only the answers then you can put a note above the answer eg Answer to question 1 of section A.

Normally students don’t commit this mistake of wrong numbering except in very rare cases but this mistake becomes very common while attaching supplements candidates become so entangled in the pages of their own answer books that they put wrong numbers, Please be careful about this because it is a very common mistake and it can cost you your life (career).
Another step to remedy this can be when attempting questions belonging to sub-sections then you put the number of the Section on top and then the number of the questions eg you write Section A on top and then the number of the question being answered in the margin provided.

The above mentioned are some points to be followed in order to avoid such grave mistakes as wrong numbering Because this mistake is committed more out of nervousness than out of carelessness. A student is so nervous when he gets the question paper that in his nervousness he makes s such blunders. Similarly, some student’s commit, these blunders in their excitement when they find that the questions asked are very easy. Overconfidence does make you foolish.

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