IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad

IMS Ghaziabad was established in 1990 by some creative thinkers and cerebral to impart value-based education in a thought-provoking and innovative milieu, favourable for the overall development of its students.

Ever since its commencement, the group has promoted entrepreneurship, new ideas and technological innovations among its students to make them the future leaders of the professional world. What started as a nascent dream in the year 1990 became a distinct reality within two decades of its foundation, equipped with state of the art infrastructure and modern technology. Imparting education in the areas of Management Sciences, Tourism, Information Technology and Bio-Sciences; IMS Ghaziabad has attained a matchless and a decidedly prominent place amongst the best professional education institutions in India over the past 26 years.

Located strategically in the NCR in the heart of an active corporate community, IMS Ghaziabad delivers the real-world experience one needs to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Our motto is ‘Value addition to professional education’. Enlightening young minds towards a ‘Journey of Excellence’ is a part of our DNA at IMS Ghaziabad. The real learning occurs outside the four walls of the classroom. By confining to textbooks ,a student may acquire knowledge but not skills. And this is what we have adopted as the guiding philosophy of the higher, professional education at IMS Ghaziabad. We have inducted well-heeled corporate czars as well as alumni along with distinguished academicians in our academic advisory council to suggest changes in the education system. Be it infrastructure, learning resources or pedagogy IMS Ghaziabad has always been at the forefront in change.

The faculty interaction with the corporate world in the form of Research and Consultancy, Management Development Programmes and Conferences has become an essential enabler for designing and imparting learner-centric value- based education. IMS Ghaziabad has consistently updated the basket of specialisations being offered to keep in synchronisation with the changing business needs.

The core values of the IMS Group include the belief in the individual as the primary vehicle for the initiative. The IMS Group aims at attracting diversity and providing it with an environment where it can flourish. The group promotes a culture of openness and change, where merit is the only criteria coexisting with teamwork.

Courses offered

The University offers three seats in doctorate course, PhD in Biotechnology. In the post-graduation section, it offers Master of Business Administration 60 seats, M.Tech in Biotechnology, M.Tech in VLSI Design, M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

In the B.Tech four-year degree course, the university offers Biotechnology and Civil Engineering 60 seats each, Computer Science and Engineering 180 seats, Computer Science and Engineering (second shift) 60 seats, Electronics and Communication Engineering 120 seats, Electrical and Electronics Engineering 120 seats, IT 120 seats and Mechanical Engineering 180 seats.

Image source: IMS website

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