Indian student numbers joining New Zealand institutes shoot up by 67%

The number of Indian students joining New Zealand institutes shot up by 67% in the 2014 academic year, according to latest data. Indian students have contributed to more than 50% of the rise in international students in the country.

As per the data, over 20,000 Indian students pursued academics at New Zealand institutes in 2014. The upward trend continued in 2015 with a 22% rise year to date in the overall number of student visas issued to Indian nationals.

New Zealand has received tremendous response from the Indian market, as indicated by a whopping growth of 1,200%-plus in the past decade, that is, from 2004 to 2014.

According to officials of the New Zealand High Commission, India happens to be one of the major export education markets of the country.

Education New Zealand, which is the government agency for global education, will be conducting its multi-city education fair series in Indian cities soon. Few of the institutes which will take part are AUT University, the University of Waikato, Lincoln University, University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Otago, ACG, CPIT, Auckland Institute of Studies, Eastern Institute of Technology, etc.

Indian students have pushed up migrant numbers in New Zealand to a record high, as per data from a government statistics agency. The island country has become a sought-after destination for Indian students aspiring for higher education overseas. The country’s immigration policy, facility for students to earn, Scholarships, etc. have contributed to its popularity among Indian students.

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