Indian students heading for Australian institutes on the rise

This year, there is a marked increase in the number of students from India joining Australian institutes of higher education, compared to last year. Indian students form the second largest foreign student section in Australia.

Although the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) continue to be the top choices, Australia has witnessed a year-on-year rise in student enrollments from India.

During the first quarter (from January to April), there was a significant rise in the number of Indian students – from 36,964 in 2014 to 48,311 in 2015. In the higher education arena, there has been a steady increase to 25,439, in comparison with 17,694 during the same period last year. Vocational Education Training (VET) has recorded an increase from 16,772 to 18,350.

Australia has become a much preferred destination among Indian students who are aspiring to pursue their higher education overseas. There are many factors contributing to this, the high standard of education being primary. Australian universities offer a wide array of subjects and courses that students can opt for depending on their interest. Moreover, Australian universities, such as University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland and University of New South Wales, have bagged top spots as per recent world rankings.

The visa rules of the country are very simple. Another motivator for Indian students is that the Australian government offers various Scholarships to Indian students to pursue their education in the country. An educational qualification from Australia may also lead to permanent residency as well as work visa. Moreover, Australia happens to be the only country (other than Canada) which has two cities featuring in the top 10 student-friendly cities 2014 list issued by QS ranking.

The most preferred subjects for Indian students in Australia are Engineering, Business, Information Technology (IT), etc. Australia is also striving to promote Technical and Further Education (TAFE), the institutes under which offer a wide variety of vocational courses and are a significant player in Asia’s skill training market.

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