Innovative Techniques for Higher Education from Government of Rajasthan

The Government of Rajasthan is using some out of the box, innovative methodologies in the area of learning for improving higher education. The focus is on ICT based skills training so that the youth of Rajasthan become employable.

Rajasthan’s Take on Education

There is a vast higher education system in Rajasthan – there are many old and established institutes. The categories of these institutes vary in their source of funding and the type of management. Amongst the top 6 states with the highest number of colleges, Rajasthan is one. The other five are Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The strength of the system is in its young population and the fact that higher education is linked to an improvement in socio-economic status.

Higher Education Initiatives

There are some existing issues in the education system of the state of Rajasthan. Mainly access to education, equality in the spread of education, the management of schools and colleges, the way education is imparted, the techniques and the quality of education – these are some of the issues that have been identified. To deal with these issues, the Government of Rajasthan has come up with some special schemes and initiatives:

  • e-Governance through an online portal
  • Smart classrooms in colleges
  • Wi-fi Facilities
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
  • Periodic challenges and hackathons
  • Digitisation of libraries
  • Verbal tutorials for FOSS courses
  • Digital Classrooms in Girls’ colleges
  • Smart science labs
  • Crowdsourced social platform
  • Linking of colleges through UGC’s INFLIBNET facility
  • GIS mapping
  • Industry-academia connections
  • Online skills and aptitude test

Focus on Skill-Based Education

The Government is leaning towards making education all about learning a particular job-oriented skill or entrepreneurial skills. Vocational training at the college level has been strengthened for this purpose. Some brilliant marketing and counselling techniques are being employed to encourage students to opt for such courses in polytechnics and other similar institutes.

The syllabus of courses is being looked at to make them more skill oriented, and students of mainstream subjects can take on vocational subjects as extra ones.

Connecting Tribal Population to Education

With the aim of making quality education available for various tribes, the government has undertaken the following steps:

  • Public fund spending for rural areas to make them at par with urban areas
  • Subsidised higher education for minorities and girls in rural areas
  • Encourage donors towards girl child education and minorities education
  • Special tuition classes for far-away places to ensure the spread of knowledge
  • Promotion of English proficiency
  • Online facilities

Expansion Plans

Agriculture and associated activities, industry, and services provide the bulk of employment in Rajasthan. The initiatives have increased job opportunities, but population rise is a challenge. The government is therefore focused on delivering self-employment opportunities along with improving facilities for students.

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