International preparatory programmes of HSE University.

International students may also apply to enrol in fee-paying preparatory programmes.

The following programmes are offered:

HSE International Preparatory Programmes in Russian. The programmes are designed for international students who are planning to enter a Russian-taught full-degree programme at HSE or another Russian university. The courses cater to students with varying levels of Russian including three levels: basic, intensive and extended courses.

English Preparatory Programme in Economics. The programme is designed to prepare students for a degree-level study in the field of Economics in English. The course curriculum is divided in 2 semesters and combines English language training and subject-specific modules.

After completing a chosen preparatory programme, students take exams. Successfull graduates of HSE Preparatory Basic course and English Preparatory Programme in Economics are eligible for a 25% scholarship on further tuition-paid programmes.

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