Internship: What does a student gain

Internship is one such curriculum from which a student stands only to gain: because internship provides practical knowledge, the actual know how of the particular profession. The ins and outs of the activities involved, how to tackle the various problems faced during the actual execution of duties.

While you are an intern you do both simultaneously” You earn while you learn “.  So you are not learning from the pages of a book but you are learning from the actual procedure you are gaining experience, you are working under the guardianship of your guide who teaches you the basics the core of a job. A student who has passed an exam through a classroom education may have just superficial knowledge ,what is written in the book is his source whereas an intern has actually face and tackled a situation to explain with an example from day to day life  a girl who has read a certain recipe and is trying her hand at making the dish will be at a loss if she finds that the dish is about to get burnt whereas another girl who has been working as an intern with her mother at home will immediately take steps like adding a little water or milk and saving the dish from getting spoilt . Thus though the girl who had read the recipe knows the exact measurements of amount of ingredient to be used the degree of temperature that the oven or stove should be fixed at but she is not aware of the method to be followed about how to stir, how to judge by the aroma if it’s coming out perfect or not.

The guide or mentor an intern gives his students the benefit of the experience he has had in his career. This knowledge that is handed over is priceless because it is firsthand knowledge based on the personal and practical experience.

Specially in professions where human factor is involved like in a medical career internship is of great value because special communication skills are needed to calm a patient, or to control the emotions of a patient’ relatives , at times problems related to mob fury or mob sentiments arise and here a DNB student who has spent three years as an intern  finds it easy to control the mob than does a fresh student who has just come out of the classrooms of a medical college.

So we may safely conclude that though internship is a bit difficult compared to classroom studies it is very helpful when it comes to actually getting involved in a situation professionally.

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