Is Board Exam a necessity

I would say a big yes to that question. Board exams are very important and a must because they tell us about our parameters, about where we stand in comparison to our peers.

Exams have always been considered as an activity which not only measures your preparedness to face the various challenges in life but it is an activity which prepares a person to learn the methods of facing challenges, of working under stress, of being alert and able to act in tense situations . When a person prepares for an examination he starts learning time management, prioritising, planning etc. He learns to differentiate between what is important and what is insignificant; he learns how to attack a problem directly instead of beating about the bush.

Stress is not always a negative phenomena it has its positive sides also. A person who has never faced challenges in life, who has led a cushy and protected life will not be able to fight an adverse situation; he will succumb to the challenges, while a person who has faced stress and difficulties is well prepared to react to adverse situations. Thus introducing a child to stress is for his good and what is better than giving him this training through exams. According to Yale researchers Alia Crum and Shawn Achor  “Stress can cause  the brain to  use more of its capabilities and thus increase its productivity.”

Apart from all this, the other more important reasons is, it has a direct bearing on a student’s life. Board exams are held at the state level or at the national level they tell a student where he stands at the national level. A student may be a topper in his class, but he may come nowhere at the top in the national merit list so we find that  its only through  the Board exam that he comes to know that he has to work harder in order to achieve what he wants. Harder, to be able to compete in the various entrance exams of professional courses. It is like a wakeup call, it sort of makes a person stand up and take stock of his situations, it makes him realise that he is after all not the best and that a lot more work is required of him to become the number one.

Thus board exams are very important to make a person realize his potentials. There are a few stray cases where students face a nervous breakdown if they do not do well in the exams, but this is all the more reason why board exams should be given more importance. Students should learn to be serious in studies, and not to lose their cool. If a person cannot take failure at such an elementary stage, how will he deal with situations in his professional life, it is through these board exams that parents and teachers come to know about the child’s mental status and work towards making him overcome his fears and become stronger.

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