Is nursing only for women

You ask that question and the answer is No” Though women seem to have dominated this field the requirement of male nurses in hospitals is also being felt. Male nurses are of great help when it comes to handling emergency cases and also when handling violent patients or patients who need to be carried. The reason why till now the number of male nurses was less than women is manifold most of them being low pay, the stereotype forms of addressing nurses as sister or matron this automatically applies the breaks for men to opt for the career. But now the trend is changing and statistics are showing an increase in the number of boys opting for this career. The number of men in nursing schools in Maharashtra has more than doubled; Bengaluru too has shown a rising trend in men opting for nursing.

When some male nurses were asked the reason why had they opted for nursing as a career they replied that it gave them job satisfaction, they liked to give solace and comfort to patients.

If we look back at history we find that male nurse were active caregivers during the plague in the 3rd century. Later on, the number of male nurses decreased because women took over the profession and somehow the form of address “sister” “matron” stuck to the job and nursing became to be identified as a predominantly women oriented job’

The healthy and promising note now gives us hope of seeing more male nurses, because they are the need of the hour. Moreover, the attitude towards gender discrimination in society is gradually diminishing so it does not prevent men from foraying into women oriented professions and vice versa. There have been many well known male nurses in the recent past one being William Pooley who volunteered to help during the Ebola Crisis. Walt Whitman the famous American journalist, essayist and poet was also a volunteer nurse during the American Civil war and he himself had a male nurse by the name Fritzenger when he fell ill in 1890.

Thus there have been male nurses in the past and hopefully will continue to be with us in the present and the future.

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