Is teaching profession a lucrative career

There was a time in India when we gave more importance and respect to teachers more than even to God. There is a story that when a boy’s teacher and God both came to visit him in the ashram the boy was confused as to who should he bow before first! They were both of equal stature but then he was thankful to the teacher who asked him to bow before God first. This story is just an attempt to show how revered teachers were in Indian society. They were respected and held in awe and as equal to God. But sadly with the advent of time and modern system of education teaching lost its value. Teachers no longer taught their students the lessons to be followed for a good life but they started teaching them subjects necessary to get a job.

Once the importance of technical education took over, teaching as a profession took a back seat and lost all the glamour associated with it. Money which was never the aim of teachers now became criteria for success and obviously, the philanthropic profession lost its shine. The same students who used to come to a teacher for guidance just went past in shining cars as the teacher trudged along.

All this made people think that teaching could only get you a slice of bread but no butter or jam with it. For the butter and jam, you had to join other professions.  Then came a time when only those people took up teaching as a profession who were mediocre. Good students went on to become doctors, engineers and more such professions which would earn more money for you.

Thus, money was the reason behind teaching as a profession losing its charm and also behind academically good students opting out of it. This was an alarming situation and a matter of grave concern to the government delved deep into the reason and discovered that it was high time teaching was also given increased and more attractive pay scales.

Now thankfully the pay scale meted out to teachers is at par with other professions. According to the 7th pay commission, the salary of the primary teachers will become around Rs 29,900 to 1,04,400 (basic) along with grade pay of Rs. 13,800 the total will now become something around 51,420 .other allowances will also increase. Apart from this the retired teachers of the central government will also get a revised pension structure and other pension benefits a hike of 24% is expected to be introduced in the pension structures. The non- teaching staff will also get their pay revised.

When all these steps will be taken by the government for its schools then the private schools will also be required to increase their pay. Thus now that teaching has become a good paymaster teaching can now be considered a lucrative profession removing the stigma attached to it.

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