Job Opportunities in India for Fashion Designing

The world today has recognised and functions on the subtle but incredible power of fashion designing. Fashion designing is an art and science of including aesthetics to what we wear. It’s a process of showcasing once personality, culture, beliefs, etc. With the growing want to express oneself through various means and an ever-growing number of channels to purchase newer items in an expanding Indian market, Fashion designing is a roller coaster ride up the hill.

There are many lucrative jobs available in the market for a still young fashion designing industry with an exceedingly high opportunity to make a name for oneself. The average pay for a new entre is around Rs. 15000. The significant job opportunities are as follows-

Media house recruit– Have you ever had a look at the actors/actresses working in a media house. Their clothes seem to be custom made, suiting their character and exactly matching the situation. This is all due to the hard work and commitment of the Fashion designers working at the backend to enhance their clothing and accessories to speak for them.

Costume design– In all significant theatres, dance performances and movies, along with the acting of the performers, it’s also the costumes that make an impact. The costumes are often the first thing that hits the audience. Thus, a very high priority is laid on the costumes, and talented fashion designers are hired by major players in this industry to map the best outfits for the performers in their budget.

Garments/Fashion boutique– The market gets an inflow of a large number of new fashion trends and keeps updating itself regularly. This has led to a race amidst all the major market players to create better designs and hence garner more market share. To meet this requirement, they have been raiding the fashion designing colleges and the industry to get the best talents to work for them.

Fashion show- In the world of fashion, fashion shows are a regular affair where models showcase the best collections, and these grand affairs need many intellectual fashion designers who can create enough fashionable items to match the requirements in such a short time. This is one of the most lucrative and glamorous jobs in the market for fashion designers and gives them ample opportunity to nurture themselves with the right amount of exposure.

Fashion design consultant – Many stars nowadays have their fashion designers to make their style statement and express their way of living. Even spiritual leaders and politicians are found to have dedicated consultants to make their clothing to create an immediate impact. This field is a new area of opportunity for young fashion designers and is by all means growing at a rapid pace.

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