Latest trends In Computing

The Latest trends in computing can be felt like the latest tremors in computing and its development. Most prominent in this would be according to Samsungs latest tests  The 5G with the unimaginable speed of 7.5 Gbps will see to it that wireless reaches every sphere of life of people there will come a day when everything may become connected to the network.

Nonvolatile Memory: we think that non-volatile memory is not of any use to the layman but it is not so non-volatile memory is of great use to all those people who use in some form or the other and we belong to that category. Great strides will be made to develop new forms of non-volatile memory which will help in storing more data at less cost in smaller devices i.e more data in smaller devices.

CPS or Cyber-physical systems also used as the Internet of things (IOT) are smart systems that have cyber technologies both hardware and software there is going to be an immense change in the development of these critical systems.

Data Science is going to provide immense job opportunities to engineers and nonengineers experts and learners in the field of Data science because we need professionals to extract maximum benefits from the massive data available and help mankind become safe and secure and happy.

Capability-based Security: Security of big companies as well as small players of the cyber world, even you and me is security from hackers no one’s data is safe so hardware capability-based security which is a not so common word today may become a rage in the near future it will provide a better grain protection and defense against attacks in the future.

From a game playing to machine interface and medical diagnosis, machine learning is responsible for the construction of algorithms that can make predictions on data and there is hope for advanced machine learning in the near future.

There is strong hope that containers will become a reality and companies will find it easy to move applications to the cloud. Containers are important because they make available computing resources to run an application with a guarantee of no clashes with other applications. This will be a boon to companies that want to move faster and deliver sooner

Thus these are some of the latest trends to be kept an eye on and making use of for the betterment of our trade and finances and for the betterment of the world as a whole.

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