Launch of bioelectronics innovation laboratory at IIT Kharagpur

To develop futuristic battery-free implantable medical devices for treatment of brain, nerve, muscle or spinal cord disorders that are untreatable by using standard medical practices, IIT Kharagpur has set up India’s pioneering bio-electronics Innovation Laboratory.

Bio-electronics is a new and an exciting field of engineering that is yet to make its mark in India. It makes use of the common consolidated knowledge of both electronics and biology.

Sudip Nag from the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering who is heading this initiative at IIT Kharagpur shared with TOI that they aim to implant coin-sized electronic chips with wireless energy supply for rehabilitation and prostheses applications. He further informed that their solutions will incorporate a combination of electrical stimulation, bio-potential recording, and neuro-chemical sensing.

Exhilarating Amenities

The laboratory will facilitate energy efficient electronic system development, bio-compatible packaging, bio reliability assessment, and animal testing rooms as a unified platform for an end-to-end intelligent medical system development.

Under MHRD Imprint program, SFTIG Indo-Canadian Fellowship grant and DeITy SMDP grant, grants have been received from IIT Kharagpur for the innovation lab. With several hospitals and institutes in India and abroad, it is in the process of setting up collaborations.

Apart from creating a platform for new medical devices, the lab will open up new career opportunities in incubating companies for production and marketing and also establish an international supply base for medical device giants.

IIT Kharagpur- Overview

The motto of IIT Kharagpur is “Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam”. This literally translates to “Excellence in action is Yoga”, essentially implying that doing your work well is (true) yoga. In the Bhagavad Gita, this can be traced to Sri Krishna’s discourse with Arjuna. To shed distracting thoughts of the effects of his deeds and concentrate on the task before him, the quote, in the larger context of the Gita, urges man to acquire equanimity because a mind of equanimity allows a man. Equanimity is the source of perfection in Karmic endeavors that leads to Salvation.


  • The Institute aligns all its activities to serve the national interest and seeks
  • To provide broad-based education, helping students hone their professional skills and acquire the best-in-class capabilities in their respective disciplines
  • To equip students with the skills to visualize, synthesize and execute projects in these fields which in turn will draw the best expertise in science, technology, management, and law.
  • To infuse a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in its students
  • To undertake sponsored research and provide consultancy services in industrial, educational and socially relevant areas
  • To be a centre of excellence in education and research, producing global leaders in science, technology, and management
  • To be a hub of knowledge creation that prioritizes the frontier areas of national and global importance
  • To improve the life of every citizen of the country

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