Life Cycle Of A Student

A student’s life cycle is a replica of a person’s life cycle. They say man is a student all throughout his life he is always learning from his successes and failures.

Similarly a student, the moment he enters his kindergarten  becomes a part of a race, a race for excellence, a race for achievements,  it is like struggle for existence and of course survival of the fittest . In order to become the fittest he makes many strategies and plans and tries to follow them.

It is these strategies and plans which help him take the first step towards fighting the battle of life. He learns to fight stress, he learns how to react in adverse situations, and together with this he also learns the more finer points of life, how to respect his teachers, how to live in society, (because the school is his world, the people here his society) he learns how to deal with different persons, how to respond to his friends, his teachers, his seniors, his colleagues the peon, gardener, and the sweeper.

Student life is his first step into the world, his first step away from the protective atmosphere of his home. He even learns how to get what he wants. The school and his peer group teach him the various methods of succeeding in life, where to fight, where to give in, where to adjust and where to snatch, because these are the necessary evils of life. Not always can a student be expected to be a picture of virtue. His discretionary powers come to the fore and he moves towards becoming mature in his dealings.

If we try to look at all the various stages of a student’s life “his life cycle” as such we begin with kindergarten, where he leaves his mothers protective hand and tries to make friends, tries to find happiness among others of his age. It is now that he also learns the importance of the family, he realises that when he goes back home after school he will be among people who care for him more than others, he understands that he can confide in his family and they will protect him.

As he grows in age and goes from one class to another he learns the importance of studies and the role it plays in his career. He now learns to take things seriously, he learns the meaning of healthy competition he also discovers his hidden traits, the special talents he has and how can he use them for his own development and benefit. He discovers the good and the bad in him and works towards enhancing the better qualities and suppressing the bad ones.

Thus a school is not only a second home but it is the foundation stone of a student’s life. He spends the maximum number of his living hours as a student starting at the tender age of three to the mature age of thirty and beyond.  Graduating from a chirpy three year old to a mature and wise thirty year old, and in the due course he sees many ups and downs and emerges into the world representing his true self and moving towards success as he groomed himself to be. Enjoy your cycle of life, students life is the most happy and memorable period.

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