Machine learning online courses galore

Machine learning Course – If you are looking at taking up a career in machine learning, there are a bevvy of online courses that will help you a firm grounding in the world of data, writes Jenny Darmody in report. Machine learning is one of the top emerging technologies of the year. Jobs in data analytics, data science, and data mining are plentiful but, as with most of the technology sector, there is a talent gap.

Online courses give people more flexibility and less commitment when it comes to learning the basics of any skill. For many online courses and e-learning facilities, you can dip in and out in your own time, study and practise in your own time and move at your own pace. Many are free and the ones that don’t often offer a free trial. There is also a wide variety of course levels you can do, prices you can pay, the time you can spend learning and there’s scope to upskill. Here are few online platforms.

Udacity – Online Classes

Udacity is a US-based e-learning platform offering a number of online courses in machine learning in collaboration with various industry experts and educational institutes. Udacity offers a nano-degree for those interested in becoming a machine learning engineer with certification at the end of the programme. Udacity also offers a ‘nano-degree plus’ programme, which offers a job or money-back guarantee. For those who are looking for something a little less costly, Udacity also offers a number of free machine learning courses ranging from 10 weeks to four months.

Coursera – Online Courses

With links to some of the best universities in the US, Coursera offers high-quality education in various topics online. Its machine learning course is 11 weeks for a fee and is offered by Stanford University. You will receive a certificate at the end and throughout the course, you will be able to connect with thousands of other learners on the course.

Lynda Online Courses

Lynda from LinkedIn is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn a wide range of skills, including machine learning. The site offers a 30-day free trial and after that, prices are from €14.95. Lynda offers short online courses of approximately an hour into various aspects of machine learning from beginner to advanced learning. One in particular to consider is Mathematica 11 machine learning. In this, you can learn how to analyse data using machine learning capabilities built into Mathematica 11.

Alison Online Courses

To help grasp the basics of technology and data mining, Alison is a Galway-based e-learning platform offering a number of free online courses on software development, data science, and machine learning.

For those interested, Alison has an introduction to machine learning course. This course is an ideal starter for anyone who is interested in computer science.

Udemy – Online Courses

Udemy offers thousands of online courses with which to up skill, including a number of machine learning courses. One, in particular, is Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-on Python and R in Data Science. This course offers more than 40 hours of on-demand videos and a number of other articles and resources. For this course, you only need some second-level maths in exchange for an insight into data mining, R programming and Python.

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