Management Courses at SP Jain Global

Evolution of business qualities

Immerse in new cultures, step out of your comfort zone, develop cross-cultural understanding, gain real-world experience and engage some of the world’s top companies with SP Jain’s Master of Global Business program. The program trains to appreciate and adapt to different business environments, cultures and market conditions with minimal or no work experience. It also prepares students for a lifetime of decision-making and leadership since it is designed exclusively for graduates.

Sp Jain Global

The main objective at SP Jain is on crafting all-rounded business leaders equipped to take on the competitive world of international business. The Global MBA program offered at SP Jain is unlike any other in the world because of a unique blend of factors.

Decision-making Skills

At SP Jain, students master this skill in a different manner by participating in ‘student boardrooms’ and highly advanced ‘computer-aided simulations’. It is important to understand that; decision-Making is the significant role of a business manager.

Student teams that meet every day before every class are generally termed as Student Board Rooms (SBRs). The students are required to critically analyze their reading material and case studies and arrive at conclusions that are submitted in the form of a report by the comprehensive usage of the various decision-making skills. This report is a kick-off point for classroom discussion. Students learn to use scientific methods, logical reasoning and analysis to address organizational problems and develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills that are readily applied on the job during the long and in-depth process of the program.

Role of Business Schools

With very little importance given to understanding the dynamic global business environment, business schools until now have been operating in a single campus model. Depending upon the location where the operation is carried out, doing business across borders requires critical skills and it is purely dependent on the location. After all, how you do business in China is different to how you do business in Australia or the United States. One of the exciting opportunity for Full-time postgraduate students is that they could able to live, study and work in three of our four international campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney at SP Jain. To experience diverse cultures, study international business practices, network with business executives and community leaders, conduct real-time projects, and pursue internships and full-time career goals, many opportunities have been offered in each city’s regional hub.

Understanding business world

It is important for business leaders to understand the many intricacies of the business world and prepare for them in a focused manner since the businesses operate under severe conditions where the risk, ratio of complexity and unpredictability are significantly high. Simulation Centers to enable postgraduate students are being implemented with the state of the art features at SP Jain computer- aided business simulation which also helps to practice and fine-tune their real-world as well as decision-making skills in a risk-free and innovative environment.

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