Masters in Emergency Medicine Course

The concept of Emergency medicine is a combination of perfect conditions offered of specialities and super specialities under one umbrella. We can say it is a concept developed as a matrix of super specialities. This department caters to emergencies and critical patients and at the same time offers services full of peaceful and soothing services to the world of ailing patients and their near and dear ones. With ready supplies of medicines and ambulances available whenever required even at odd hours Its main requirement apart from critical care is humble and sweet behaviour with stressed out and worried relatives of the patients.

Unlike other departments, this speciality has to be on toes for 24 hours. An emergency caregiver can’t wait for investigations, and many times doctors take the initiative of going ahead even before reports of investigations arrive this is because saving lives is more important and cannot wait for reports and documents. This is where the experience and decision-making ability of the doctor comes in, and this is what is required.

Emergency Medicine is a relatively new concept and fast taking roots due to its decision making efforts. It is relatively new in foreign countries too and is being appreciated everywhere. In India also, few post-graduate programs have been initiated at a few numbers of institutions, but a great need still exists. We need trained personnel who can be trusted with the Emergency Physicians attitude and duties for the country’s ever-increasing large demand for healthcare providers of this kind.

  1. Hinduja offers a MEM(Masters in Emergency Medicine) degree starting from three-year postgraduate programme started from 1st June 2016.
  2. The Society for Emergency Medicine India(SEMI) is the largest group of trained & qualified emergency medicine personnel it offers a 3-year degree course in Masters in Emergency Medicine.
  3. KIMS Master of EMERGENCY Medicine Program in collaboration with Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY, USA(the details of the course are given below)
    • International and national talks by faculty trained in Emergency Medicine
    • Regular visits by the Upstate medical faculty
    • 25 bed ED with modern equipment including cardiac monitors, defibrillators, ultrasound machine, X-Ray, etc.
    • Procedures and skills training
    • MRCEM training
    • CMEs, seminars and journal club meetings
    • An opportunity for 1-month observership at the Emergency Department, Upstate, New York.
  1. Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA

Thus, serious thought should be given to encourage more of these Emergency medicine hospitals as they are the need of the hour.

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