MBA in International Business

MBA – Today’s world behaviors by globalization. No Company in today’s multinational business scenario is limited to the geographic boundaries of a nation. This scenario has led to the emergence of international business to be of prime importance. This new and evolving branch of management deals with subjects of high importance like cross-cultural management, change management, law, HRM, strategy, and mergers.

Looking into the growth opportunities in this line, is growing and expected to make an even faster exponential growth with the increase in market demand. Many prestigious colleges like IIFT and SPJIMER have understood the importance and potential of this new evolving requirement and surged in to fill the void with MBA specialization in International colleges. These colleges have a significant emphasis on the following subjects along with other general management subjects-

  1. Cross-Cultural Management- Understanding the significant cultures, their differences, to-do, and not-to-do activities is an upper layer of the subject. But the subject dwells organization into the reasons for these organization and how to apply this knowledge to form a positive association and mutual respect.
  2. Human Resource Management- Human Resource Management changes vastly with upcoming changes in culture and that are accounted to motivate people and help managers drive internal growth.
  3. Cross-Cultural Learning/ Change Management- This is a subject where best practices are shared and sustained throughout the period. This allows managers to understand how to drive discussions to respect each other’s viewpoints making a positive idea and best practice sharing platform.
  4. Strategy- The expansion strategy and business development of the organization as well as the organization structure are developed keeping in view the political, economic, social, technological, economic and legal atmosphere of a nation and those activities need more time to understand and work with.
  5. Law- The law varies from nation to nation and is entirely different in the US, India, China, EU, and UAE. These laws are studied, and other International laws are taken into account to avoid and settle any issues and anticipate risks.

When these new teachings are mapped with the present education system, it makes perfect managers who can handle and oversee the growth of a company successfully. The other thing that is taken into account is project management. People with the above degree often pursue courses like PMP to enhance their credibility.

Although it is a new branch of study, its vast importance and potential have only started to receive its due credence in recent years. Over time it is expected to be the next big branch and add up with the new specialization in MBA including Supply Chain Management, Strategy Management and IT to compete with the old specialization set of Finance, Operations, Human Resources, and Marketing.

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