Men are becoming fashion freaks – A study

Fashion – There used to be times when the entire wardrobe a guy would be filled with black pants and light colour shirts. Times are changing, and they are changing fast. Gone are the days when the word fashion is associated with the feminine gender. Men who have always been sidelined in the fashion world have started to hit back. In the past few years, we have seen a lot of fashion and lifestyle brands investing in men’s fashion increasingly. A few popular brands have even started man’s only collections to attract the fashion-friendly guys. Special discounts and promotional sales also celebrate men’s fashion.

The cultural and social shifts happening in the society is contributing to the change. The conservative mindset of people that it is only the women who care more about fashion are being challenged everywhere. Men are becoming increasingly fashion conscious and trend aware. The modern trends in the industry are catching up quickly with the help of social media. Facebook and Twitter are helping the latest trends getting to every part of the city and the country.

There is still a gap in the demand for the fashion and the necessary supply to the market. Brands are slowly getting aware of this. This can be understood by the sudden influx of men’s individual products over the last few years. Starting from the face cream and face wash to jewellery, men have collections of their own, and it is enormous. This is a welcome change in the world where men’s fashion is minimal, and even if you can find a shop, the collections would have been long gone out of date. As the revolution is already started from the late 2000s, it’s high time for the leading industry professionals to stop overshadowing and ignoring men’s fashion industry and start addressing this fledgeling, yet the super important market.

Considering the increased interest amongst men to cut their pocket and spend on the appearance in the last five years, retailers are shifting their focus to menswear with the culture being widened. But as the change is occurring on a fast and regular basis, with the different lifestyle of fashion freak men, there is still a gap between the growth of men’s apparel and the trends with the increasing competition in the retail industry. In this super exciting time, there is a welcoming brand TZAR which is launched with the attracting USP which motivates guys to express themselves to the world, the best way possible in their workplaces and make others aware of their mood, are they happy, confident or trendy. At this vast shift in menswear, this formal approach will be the best for the casual and form-fitting clothing of men.

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