Monash University, Melbourne offers Renewable and Sustainable Energy Engineering

Monash University – Founded in 1958 as a Public Research Institute, Monash University is the second-largest University in Victoria. It is part of the Group of Eight, a coalition of eight leading Australian Universities. The university has numerous campuses – five of which are in Victoria and offshore colleges in Italy, India, and China. Monash takes in over 50000 students every year. With over 100 research centres Monash is one of Australia’s most extensive research focused Institute

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering in the Monash University was founded in 1961 and is one of the largest Engineering school in Australia. The faculty has over 6500 students. The faculty is spread over five departments at the Clayton campus, Melbourne and a School of Engineering in the Malaysia campus of the Monash University

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Engineering

With all the talks about Global warming and environmental problems at the global level, the essential requirement for the present world is alternate fuel. Almost all major energy companies which used to rely on oil are making substantial investments in the Renewable and Sustainable Energy. This course will focus on addressing all the above concerns. The primary objective of the course is to identify and understand the advantages and limitations of various renewable and sustainable energy methods.

Course Details

The course can be taken as a 1 or 2-year full-time course or a 2 or 4-year part-time course. Both the classes are provided at the Clayton Campus of the Monash University. The course will include Common core units, Discipline core units, Elective units and project units.


The standard qualification for admission in the course is an undergraduate degree in the relevant discipline with good grades. The University follows an online admission process where you can submit the application form online, and after the first level of scrutiny, you will be contacted by the University in the admission process

Monash University and the Faculty of Engineering offer different levels of scholarships to the deserving students. Similar to the admission process, you will have to apply online for the awards also following which you will be contacted by the University based on your qualifications

Career Opportunities

With the concern about environmental awareness sweeping the world, all the energy companies are looking to diversify their investments in green energy. There are also new companies being created by big names in the industry with a sole focus on sustainable and renewable energy. This field of engineering is at the very beginning of its growth phase and has a lot of opportunities on its way.

Renewable and sustainable energy is the future of mankind as well as the future of all the energy companies. A professional degree in this would be great values add to your profile.

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