National Power Training Institute offers Post Diploma Course in Power Plant Engineering

National Power Training Institute – Electricity is one of the essential needs of human lives and the power plants that produce them not only determines the quality of life in the country but also an integral part of the growth of the country. India, for instance, generates most of the power through conventional thermal power plants but has even started working on the next generation power production including nuclear power plants.

National Power Training Institute or NPTI is India’s top institution for training and human resource development for the Power industry in the country. Established under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, the institution is responsible for the development of human resources of the more demanding power industry.

One of the unique and defining factors of NPTI is the education through simulators. The institution has established a fully functional industrial standard replicas of power production units at different locations where NPTI is situated. These simulators give the students a clear understanding of the functionalities and help them expand their knowledge.

With a sole focus on the power industry of India, NPTI offers several short and long-term courses to enable professionals for a career in the power industry. The courses offered by NPTI covers a wide variety of fields related to power including thermal and hydropower plants and transmission and distribution of electricity.

About Post Diploma in Thermal Power Plant Engineering

One of the unique courses offered by the institute is Post Diploma in Thermal Power Plant Engineering. The post-diploma is aimed at students who have a 3-year full-time diploma in Mechanical, Electrical or Instrumentation Engineering. The course will equip them in handling the issue of a thermal power plant and offers a good scope of employment once the post-diploma is completed.

Thermal power is the electrical backbone of our country serving about 68% of the total power production in this country. Though India is moving towards green and clean power generation, thermal power plants are irreplaceable and will continue to the majority power generator in the country. Compared to other forms of electricity generation used now, thermal power is easy to generate and handle. It is also the most reliable and feasible method of power generation as compared to Nuclear energy, which mostly depends upon importing the nuclear fuel from friendly foreign countries.

The courses usually begin in October and November. There are no separate entrance or eligibility tests conducted by the institution. Admission to the post-diploma course will be based on the marks obtained in the diploma examination. A course of post diploma in thermal power plants will be a value add to the existing Diploma course and will help get a good job in one of the numerous thermal power plants in the country.

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