New college students to get orientation programme at Haryana

About the Programme

A two-day orientation programme for new students in all colleges for academic session 2018-19 has been introduced by the Haryana government so that students would become familiar with campus services, faculty, rules and regulation, a minister said here on Monday.

Minister’s Statement

The programme would help students adjust to the new environment and inculcate in them the ethos of the institution as reported by the Education minister Ram Bilas Sharma.

“With various facilities and information in their first week in the college, It has been decided that all students would be provided. These include providing a copy of the timetable, identity card, library card, copy of the syllabus, a copy of the lesson plans, list of student clubs and societies, list of mentors and foundation booklet,” he said.

Students can learn about school policies, general rules, the honour code and more by attending an informational session and advising sessions,, Sharma said.

Asset to Students

“Students will be given a wealth of information in a short period of time. In the new academic session, they can hit the ground running beside immersing themselves in college life so that when they arrive on campus and this is the primary goal of the college. Orientation gives the opportunity to make friends, get acquainted with roommates, purchase textbooks, and become comfortable with navigating the campus,” the minister said.

The orientation programme will include check-in, brief on the institution, information on the academic calendar and other activities, mentoring session, yoga session, screening of documentaries or short TED talks and information on college facilities and rules among other things.

Objective of the Program

Student orientation programs are designed to welcome students and to initiate the integration of newly admitted first-year and transfer undergraduate students into the academic, cultural, and social climate of the college.

Need for the Program

Help new students understand the nature of the college, the educational opportunities available to them, the values and functions of the campus life, and the central objective of MACHS as an academic enterprise.

To learn about matters relating to student registration, housing, campus activities, and other aspects of college life, the program allows students to participate in academic advising.

Prospects of the Program

This program is applicable to all students or prospective students of the college.

The orientation program is conducted through a series of speeches to cover the questions of students about the majors, the credit hours of the courses, keys of policies and procedures, IT services, administrative matters, student services, library and learning services, and a tour of campus facilities.

An opportunity for students to meet other students and the staff of the Institutions will also be provided by the program.

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