NICMAR offers Post Graduate Programme in Infrastructure Finance, Development and Management

NICMARHave you thought of the most stable, unstoppable and important Industry for a nation? It is Infrastructure. Every politician involves infrastructure development in his agenda. Whether it might be a bullet train or metro these projects are strict time bound and any delay in the project may lead to great losses.

These projects need acute Project Planning and monitoring along with an emphasis on Project Management. Especially in a nation like India where there are multiple factors and legal issue blocking the path to these projects it’s of prime importance to have highly skilled professionals handling these projects. The recent failure of Mumbai Metro due to stakeholder’s mismanagement & Hyderabad metro is another project which is suffering heavy loss.

In such a scenario NICMAR, an Institute of Management Study for Construction and Infrastructure created by all firms in this industry is a great step to train managers specialized for Infrastructure development. The premier institute provides a Post Graduate Program in Infrastructure Finance, Development and Management. The Infrastructure industry in India especially is in a slump due to major issues like corruption and land litigation issues.

Solving such issues requires great people skills along with technical knowledge which calls for specialized training. While the sector has great scope to boom in India due to the rapid development and lack of proper infrastructure but the looming issues that delay the execution of such projects must be dealt with at first. The complex issues need in-depth analysis keeping business in mind and thus pose a high demand for such a skill set.

While the requirement and demand of these courses are of great importance which has been agreed upon by all companies in Industry, an education of management from the best University designed based on practical requirements of the Industry leaders is a great chance to advance your career. This course not only boosts your chances to get selected for a job but also helps you perform far better than your competitors.

This is a great opportunity to turn your life upside down and create the lifestyle you want by climbing the corporate ladders in the field of Infrastructure which is going to enter a new phase of growth. The industry is also showing rapid growth in adapting to new technology with newer means of transport and the advent of widespread acceptance of Smart cities.

The other factor that is influencing this sector is innovative projects like Tesla’s Vacuum tube. The world is changing and so is this industry and its demands. Its high time that people accept the change and train themselves to fulfil their aspirations and carve out a great career in this field for themselves by taking this great course at NICMAR.

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